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PHASES OF BISEXUAL IDENTITY. For the majority of bisexuals, you can find at least four...

For many bisexuals, you can find at the least four actions or phases to totally acknowledging and becoming more comfortable with their identities as bisexuals.

  1. Confusion over sexual orientation. Many bisexual individuals start off feeling extremely puzzled about their attraction towards individuals of both sexes, questioning unique reality, and wondering “Is something amiss with me/”Some invest their entire life in this phase, hiding their sexual orientation, experiencing separated and alone using the internal chaos over their “dual tourist attractions. Numerous undergo life pinpointing as gay/lesbian or straight to become accepted while making sense of these intimate orientation. Because their experience doesn't comply with either community, they feel intense outside stress to select one and determine along with it. Without the language to frame their particular truth, with no noticeable part models or community open to them, bisexual individuals should have adequate self esteem and belief in their own personal identification so that you can fundamentally transcend this phase.

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