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One comment to “Mark may 24, 2014”: most of us women are nevertheless on here because of this worthless pages on there..

We have the fakes, the international guys..the guys without any class wanting naked pictures..the ones who can’t compose a decent sentence/ can’t spell/ darn near illiterate… Oh…and I desire some body would appear with a website for anyone Harley dudes to visit to meet up females I have to go through every week and block/ hide the profiles that mention them..seems it’s the new middle-aged crisis toy… into them…

I need to laugh at eharmony when it comes to philosophy that finding some body with the exact same values, passions, hobbies, etc. is a great thing (that, by just how is similar types of thinking the advertisers are subjecting us to with personalized ads… You’ll never see such a thing brand brand new, since they make an effort to keep yo in your experience rut).. We digress. If a couple in a relationship had been the exact same, one could never be needed – Author Unknown

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