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Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, WFRP, White Dwarf and all connected markings, names, races, battle insignia, figures, vehicles, areas, devices, artefacts, pictures and images from the Warhammer globe are either.


Warning. This post contains some spoilers that are minor.

Middenheim City of the White Wolf is the first of a fully planned trilogy of WFRP4 releases from Cubicle 7 emerge the north Empire’s biggest city. It is a step-by-step sourceb k for the town which types the backdrop to another instalment associated with Enemy Within campaign, and will be followed in time by energy Behind the Throne and the energy Behind the Throne Companion .

Similar to of Cubicle 7’s releases up to now, it is centered on material originally produced for previous editions. Much of its content comes from the city guide published for WFRP‘s first edition initially as Warhammer City (1987) and afterwards under other h2s. Some also derives from the edition that is second Ashes of Middenheim (2005).

Covers then now (1987 left, 2020 right)


The graphical form of Cubicle 7’s WFRP4 will at this point already be familiar, and my remarks about past releases largely apply here again. The layout is clear and attractive, and is not marred by the dislocations that affected the Enemy in Shadows Companion. The artwork is once again exemplary, while the color pictures really are a upgrade that is significant the drawings of previous editions.

Artwork then now (1987 left, 2020 right)

I've one gripe, though, in regards to the presentation that is visual and it once again relates to maps. The brand new town map of Middenheim presents the city not in plan view, but as a l se projection that is three-dimensional. This enables the addition of colourful vertical features, such as cliffs, stairways and bridges (though conveniently for the artist the inclines the majority of autumn in identical direction).

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