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Academic integrity is created on sincerity, fairness and respect. Academic integrity

Students, faculty and staff at UVic are users of a community that is intellectual. As a result, it is expected that we’ll adhere to ethical values in all our learning, teaching and research.

We now have a lot of resources on educational integrity. Among the best techniques for getting info is to speak to your program teachers and TAs. You can be helped by them realize and stick to the complex guidelines of scholastic integrity.

The Centre for Academic correspondence (CAC) plus the library that is UViccitation help) will help you realize educational expectations at UVic.

How come this matter? You should know that your particular tasks are being fairly examined.

this consists of understanding that other students lack an advantage that is unfair cheating.

You will be in charge of educational work which you distribute or work on with others. You might be anticipated to stick to the ethical values of sincerity, trust, fairness, respect and duty. This implies perhaps not cheating, plagiarizing, falsifying materials, making use of an unauthorized editor or acting in other academically dishonest means.

The core values of scholastic integrity will also be helpful beyond college. The relevant skills you learn is likely to be fundamental to your success in your community and workplace.

What's scholastic dishonesty? Academic dishonesty includes, it is not restricted to:

  • Having an editor, whether compensated or unpaid, unless the trainer grants explicit written authorization.
  • Fraudulently laboratory that is manipulating, electronic information or research information to experience desired outcomes.
  • Utilizing work ready in entire or in component by some other person ( ag e.g., commercially prepared essays) and publishing it as your very very own.

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