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Risky Teen Behavior: Can You Trust Your Youngster Once Again?

About Janet Lehman, MSW

Janet Lehman, MSW, spent some time working with difficult kids and teenagers for more than three decades. A veteran worker that is social she focuses primarily on son or daughter behavior issues — including anger administration and oppositional defiance to much more serious unlawful behavior in teenagers. She actually is co-creator of the sum total Transformation® Program, the whole Guide To Consequences™, Getting right through to Your Child™, and Two moms and dads One Plan™.

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High-risk teens should have good leaderships in their life and has now become taught just how to accept duty

also to lead to their actions. Good Consequences plans have be implemented and parents need certainly to stay glued to them and carry them away. Never ever provoke your son or daughter. Let them have the opportunity to work out their ideas whether verbally or written

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