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Could it be lust or perhaps is it love? Just how to inform — and just how you are able to once have both at

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Researcher and therapist Terri Orbuch shares what she’s learned from studying couples for three years.

I’ve studied the romances and relationship patterns of several thousand individuals for three years, and I’ve heard most of them explore that crazy, out-of-control feeling at the start of a brand new relationship — you realize, once you can’t consume, you can’t rest and you also can’t get such a thing done because you’re constantly thinking about that individual. It is like an obsession.

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I'm 24 yrs old. I have a tremendously personality that is sarcastic. A son is had by me who's 2 & ½ years of age. (Father has never held it's place in his life/No ‘daddy’ drama) we just work at Babies R’ Us.

My Hobbies would include: Listening to Music, Writing, Drawing/coloring, Playing online flash games, Socializing, consuming, Partying, Driving around aimlessly, Smoking the green stuff, Dyeing my hair, Tattoos, League City eros escort Piercings, Photography.

Things we like/love: Friends, taking photos, getting tattoos, Texting, Shoes(Etnies), Rainbows, performing, Dancing, Swimming.

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I've 11 tattoos. And planning to have more. My ears are gauged, at a 1/2inch at the time of today. I adore performers! A man/woman who is able to have fun with the guitar or some siiick nasty drum solos would definately Profit my heart!

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