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The safe utilization of dating applications among males who possess intercourse with males: a report protocol for the randomised managed test to assess an interactive web-based intervention to lessen dangerous intimate behaviours

Aims and objectives

The purpose of this research is always to assess the effectiveness of this interactive web-based intervention in enhancing intimate wellness of dating apps users. Its three objectives that are specific: (i) to lessen dangerous intimate behaviours (regularity of condomless rectal intercourse, team intercourse and chemsex); (ii) to boost users’ self-efficacy in and attitudes towards condom usage; and (iii) to improve the regularity of HIV and STI assessment.


It's hypothesised that, guys getting the web-based intervention are more inclined to show (i) less risky intimate behaviours, (ii) better effectiveness in and good attitudes towards condom usage, and (iii) more HIV and STI evaluation, when compared with males perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps not getting the web-based intervention.


Learn design

It's a two-armed non-blinded randomised control test (RCT) design ( by having a 6-month follow-up duration) will likely to be used with this research.

Individuals and test size reason

A complete of 400 topics are going to be recruited for the RCT. According to a result measurements of 0.3 (as reported in meta-analysis [33]), it's been determined that the test size for every team should always be 175 (i.e. 350 as a whole) to attain 80% energy in detecting a between-group distinction with a separate t-test at a 0.05 importance degree.

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